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Meet Mama Bird

Southern girl born in Shreveport, Louisiana adores family, friends, sweet tea and Jesus! Trusting Jesus, small town girl moves to big city, otherwise known as Big D! Graduates from UT Southwestern . Meets boy next door. Heart skips a beat.  Becomes "the girl next door."  Happy.  Boy meets Jesus.  Boy trusts Jesus. In love. Boy gets on his knee. Girl says yes,yes, emphatic yes. Blessed. Both say I do. Bought house. Creates Write Plate. Puppy becomes our baby. Baby becomes baby. Dog demoted. Mama blessed! Baby becomes big sister. Once again, Dog demoted. Both become big sisters to baby boy. Kids love Jesus. Tail wagging. Parents blessed! Creates Tradition Tree. Creates SurPRIZE Smileys. Creates My Kings Creations. Creates Everything Envelope! Becomes Family Treedition. Create, create create! Happy, happy, happy! Adopt another puppy. Kids happy. Mama not so happy. Trusting Jesus. Reminding myself to ALWAYS trust Jesus...and tails still wagging!